We used AI tools to create an ad for Moleskine, then made it again as humans.


We entered the following prompt into ChatGPT to create our script:

Write a script for a 30-60 second branded content video for the brand Moleskine based on the concept that Moleskine notebooks are personified and take on the characteristics of the distinct types of people who write in them, like preppy people, goth people, jocks, and so on. Like high school cliques. Include voiceover in the script.

The AI script included specific scenes that we did our best to generate in Midjourney.
The still images were then brought to life with AI motion animation on Runway.
Finally, the voiceover was created by entering the script into ElevenLabs.


While the AI version had its obvious flaws, fleshing out the idea with AI benefitted our final product.
It gave us a jumping off point, and showed us what works versus what doesn’t.

AD: Smera Dhal
AD: Alex Ward
CW: Callum Leitenberg